Together, we’re one silly RLE-Family

You gotta learn how to cope up with their attitudes. Yes, you’re all different people but in order for you to work harmoniously, you have to embrace who they are. These are the words my dad told me during those moments I share my sentiments with him whenever I had problem with my rlemates. You know, this is one great challenge for nursing students, you are arranged alphabetically and grouped accordingly to your surnames. You don’t get to choose who you want to be with in the group, you can be lucky or you can be miserable for having the same surname with them. 

I remember having problems with my rlemates during group work, and how I sometimes act as leader since no one wants to be the leader because everyone is afraid of being buried with all the responsibilities and get lesser time to study on their own. It was hard but very challenging and fun. Fun because I get to explore their personalities more (yup, because I enjoy observing people), considering that we’ll be working together (may it be on thesis paper, hospital work, or whatever) until 4th year. During group work, it is inevitable to have problems within the group, to have misunderstandings and dramas; but, I always tell myself that no matter what happens, we have to forgive each other and love each other like a family. These group work that envelopes all problems, stress, misunderstandings, fun or bonding moments are the ones that build us up. I’m just glad that despite all the hardship we’ve been through for the first semester and for the first four months of being together, we’ve successfully overcome a lot of challenges already. (I’m just so proud of our english thesis paper! Job well done guys!) I believe that in next to no time we’ll get to know, appreciate, and love each other more.

That’s me attempting to enter my patient’s room. Silly rlemates during duty. Good thing we never get caught. Haha. I miss the hospital, I miss you guys.

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